My name's Kelsey, I'm 21, and I live in Alaska.
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Ina Garten subconsciously discussing race.

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No really. Watch this.

Ancient Chinese instrument, the sheng, which originated back in 1,100 BC, and it can perfectly replicate the music in Mario.

It even makes the coin noises.

It looks like one of the Monster Hunter hunting horn weapons.

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Today is Scout’s first birthday!

Oh, our little Jean Louise. I don’t even know where to begin. She’s our little firecracker. It’s funny because when I first got in contact with her breeder, we were told that she’s actually “very mellow”, and to be fair, Scout was really mellow when we met her. But the next day — literally, the very next day — upon bringing her home, she showed her true colors. So sassy, fearless, and adventurous. So much personality in that tiny little body. She is our resident goofball. 

We couldn’t be any happier with her, and we are so so glad to have her. She’s the perfect complement to Gatsby, and Gatsby loves her very much. I have lost track of the number of times that she has caused trouble around the house, but I’d be lying if I said she didn’t make us laugh the same number of times, if not more. 

Happy, happy birthday to you, Scout, my #1 girl and the queen of my heart! Mama loves you SO much (even if you’re unabashedly a daddy’s girl)!

[Thanks to Auntie Rae for the fabulous birthday crown, feather boa, and birthday goodies!]

Happy Barkday, beautiful Scout!